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first post of october - i'm not making this up
first post of october
This month has flown by. How can Halloween be tomorrow?

We got candy for potential Trick-or-Treaters. Last year we got three kids and had no candy, so were forced to shut the lights off and hide upstairs. This year we decided to be prepared, just in case.

We bought some candy a few weeks back and HID it so we would not eat it before Halloween. Apparently we hid it really well. B found it this morning, looking for Target bags, and hid it again.

I found it and opened the bags and put in a plastic pumpkin I picked up for $1.29. I joked that the monster under the stairs who lives in the room we call the Harry Potter chamber, took the candy. I said we were now forced to wrap ourselves in tin foil and hit all the Chipotle restaurants we could, until we exploded. They are giving away food if you show up dressed like a burrito (or taco) - but you can't just put foil on your head and claim to be a burrito. Given the price of aluminum foil, you would have to hit two stores to break even on that deal.

A neighbor has a "yes on prop 8" sign in their yard. They also have two male scarecrows. I suggested setting up a wedding for Halloween. B said I was a troublemaker.

Meanwhile the neighbor to the back had a little grass fire over the weekend. They were not home when it happened. B noticed the smoke while he was in the shower.

Another neighbor rang our doorbell to alert us to the fire. He went back and checked to see what was happening (by climbing on the fence). There is a ravine filled with trees between the two fences, so it was impossible for us to get to. I told B to call 911.

He got disconnected during the transfer to the fire department. Meanwhile I tried to find (the front of) the house behind us. That sounds like it would be easy, but they are in a different development, and you can't just drive around the corner. As I headed back, I saw two large fire trucks pull up to the house along with support trucks. They went back in the yard and determined it was a grass fire and then used laminated paper maps to find the house.

Shortly after the fire trucks headed out, two Sheriff Department cars pulled up. We directed them to the fire. Thankfully it was minor, but given that it was over 90F, the Santa Ana winds were blowing, and we were under red flag alert, I know we did the right thing calling. Why none of the other neighbors thought this way is beyond me and honestly frightening.

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bluealto From: bluealto Date: October 31st, 2008 05:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh, if only we'd had more time.
I'dve gladly donated my dress or veil to the cause! Lol.
mforbes321 From: mforbes321 Date: November 1st, 2008 05:16 am (UTC) (Link)
Love the scarecrow idea!

That is scary about not calling 911. I'm glad you did!
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